Literature Out Loud

For lovers of spoken word as an art form, something different: three diverse offerings.

Emily Brontë – a Child of the Moors

My sister Emily loved the moors. Flowers brighter than the rose bloomed in the blackest of the heath for her…she found in the bleak solitude many and dear delights; and not the least and best-loved was — liberty. Liberty was the breath of Emily’s nostrils; without it she perished”. Charlotte Brontë

Emily Bronte 1818 – 1848 was a member of one of the most famous literary families in English literature. Using material contained in “The Life of Charlotte Brontë” by Elizabeth Gaskell, the few remaining diary papers written by Emily and her sisters and then her published work – her poetry and the magnificent Wuthering Heights; this spoken word performance evokes something of her world, her work and tragically short life.


Picnic At Hanging Rock

An evocative, spoken interpretation of Joan Lindsay’s classic Australian novel. Recounted as a recollection from the French Mistress, Mme de Poitiers, with all the voices that made the original novel so special.

As Miranda always said….”everything begins and ends at exactly the right time and place”.


Voices of Remembrance

As a narrator of audio books, I’ve recorded many over the years. But two books in particular have stayed in my mind, long after the recordings were finished. Both looking back at the experiences of those who served in WW1 and those who stayed behind. Both looking forward to a world without war. Two distinctive voices; one Australian in “The Anzacs” by Patsy Adam-Smith and one British in “Testament of Youth” by Vera Brittain. Heard together, they make for a remarkably moving experience.