A Most Patient Persuasion

“ I have a something ready for publication…you will not like it, so you need not be impatient. You may perhaps like the heroine, as she is almost too good for me…”

Jane Austen 1817.

“Persuasion” was the last novel completed by Jane Austen – published six months after her death in 1817. Written with a mature eye for detail and a deep understanding of human nature we are introduced to both Captain Wentworth and Jane’s final heroine, Anne Elliot.

This latest production from the Jane Austen by Lise Rodgers repertoire, reveals the author in the last year of her life. Maintaining a steady correspondence with her beloved family as always, whilst writing one of the most moving, personal portrayals of love and attachment.

Superbly costumed and staged, this is simply, a “must see”, for all Jane Austen fans.